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This week the gang discusses at length the ins and outs of the Star Wars cinematic universe. We do get a bit into the games, but we’re pretty front loaded with Star Wars film discussion right out of the gate. We then get into the news of the week, including the new Overwatch story mode, Bayonetta’s PC release, Xbox now offering refunds, Kojima’s future plans for E3, a quick rundown of last week’s Nintendo Direct, and Nintendo’s NES Classic being discontinued.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Please, go be with your family, but before that sit back and listen to three jackasses prattle on about Xenoblade Chronicles X, Just Cause 3, Undertale, Halo 5, and industry news! It’s Fun! Also, we talk about some Fallout 4 mods! Enjoy!

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Link to Fallout 4 Dialogue Mod