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Thank you all for joining us on this earnings call for the end of fiscal quarter. We have plenty to go over including EA’s plans for loot boxes in Battlefront II, unfortunately Anthem has been delayed, and I’ve heard scuttle that Microsoft is looking to buy us? Maybe Valve? I think they just want to spend money, I don’t know. We should also discuss our competitor’s plans including Nintendo going for paid online, Microsoft continuing to update the Master Chief Collection, and the closing of Gigantic. Let’s get to it…

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I hope you brought your listening ears because this week’s episode is as big as Hyrule or whatever world Horizon Zero Dawn is in. I guess it’s Earth right? This week we talk at great length about these gigantic games as well as dig into the news about what’s going on with Xbox Game Pass, PS4 updates, League of Legends bot makers and the future of Destiny. Enjoy!

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