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Welcome one and all to a new episode of Utterly G33k. This week the whole gang’s back to discuss the virtues of various fighting games, pirating on the high seas, world records being upended, and love stories involving sea creatures. It’s a super sized episode, so be prepared!

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This week is a new week, which means a new episode! We talk about the unfortunate closing of Disney Interactive and all related software. We talk about Doom and Uncharted 4. Finally, we dig into what the hell Nintendo may or may not be up to, and whether or not they actually know what they’re up to. Seems like they might not.

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Hello Again! Welcome to another week of Utterly G33k. In this week’s episode we discuss Until Dawn, The Witness, Uncharted, What Kojima has been up to, the uncertain future of Destiny, Quantum Break coming to PC, and the future of BioWare! Peter Storemare is a creepy guy by the way. Super. Creep.

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