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Welcome once more to another episode of Utterly G33k! Wally and Daron are here to discuss worker’s right, over throwing the man, unionizing! We also talk business acquisitions, name changes and TotalBiscuit! Sit back, and enjoy!


EA is going to jail.

Welcome once more to more Utterly G33k! This week, EA’s going to jail by refusing to stop selling Loot Boxes, 2K is begging people to contact their representatives to keep selling Loot boxes, the PS2 stops support in Japan, and a whole slew of new game announcements has the crew excited!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this week is a bit more somber than previous weeks. This week we say goodbye to John “TotalBiscuit” Bain. A huge influence on all of us here at Utterly G33k, he will be dearly missed. We all share how he changed our views and opinions. His absence will be felt deeply.

In other news we discuss the lifespan of the PS4, Sunset Overdrive PC versions, what a terrible idea it is for PUBG Corp to sue Epic over copyright and we go into our thoughts on the Battle Royale genre.

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While Daron is still missing from the podcast, Chris and Steve carry on as they bring you your weekly gaming news! A bit of a short one, but we were satisfied! The geeky duo discuss the future plans of TotalBiscuit, God of War record breaking sales, more controller support added to Steam, and more!

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Another week, and more things have occurred! Welcome to Utterly G33k! This week the team discusses the unfortunate splitting of Playdead, Gabe Newell’s AMA, the future of Fire Emblem, and the return of SWERY to game development!

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Welcome once again to another episode of Utterly G33k! This week, we start to get in the holiday spirit with Goosebumps! We also discuss what the hell might or might not be happening with Nintendo (a scary prospect!), I share thoughts on the Steam Controller (Spooky, Scary Alien controller!), as well as strange updates made to Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (it defies logic!). So grab some cider, maybe a doughnut, and listen up.

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