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Welcome once more to another episode of Utterly G33k! Wally and Daron are here to discuss worker’s right, over throwing the man, unionizing! We also talk business acquisitions, name changes and TotalBiscuit! Sit back, and enjoy!


Welcome one and all to another week of fun and unexpected news! This Wally, Steve and Daron talk about the ongoing fight with Telltale and getting the final season of The Walking Dead completed, updates to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and a potential new Harry Potter game! Hagrid’s excited!

Grab Your Nimbus!

Oh! Come on in, I didn’t see you there! This week, Steve and Daron are here to talk about the death of Telltale, Microtransactions coming to Devil May Cry 5, the announcement of the Playstation Classic as well as the death of the Vita. It’s a hot banger this week with no fluff!

Buckle Up