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Oh! Come on in, I didn’t see you there! This week, Steve and Daron are here to talk about the death of Telltale, Microtransactions coming to Devil May Cry 5, the announcement of the Playstation Classic as well as the death of the Vita. It’s a hot banger this week with no fluff!

Buckle Up

Hello one and all! Welcome once again to Utterly G33k! This week the team discusses the current legal standing of Loot boxes, the loss of digital publishing rights, Destiny 2 world changes, and everything from the recent Nintendo Direct. We also dig into the confusion that is the Assassin’s Creed III Remaster.

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The gang’s back again this week, Daron’s been able to pull his head out of Zelda for an hour or so, ¬†and Wally might be done with Horizon, Steve’s always at the ready, so here it is! This week the gang discusses the future of Starcraft, Switch launch sales, multiplayer cheating lawsuits, the future of the PS3 and the future of Telltale games. A lot of future in this one, so let’s take a look ahead and not look back in anger.

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