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Another week, another episode. This week we discuss the goings on with Overkill and their Payday 2 fiasco, real life Pokemon Gyms, Kickstarter, and Batman Arkham Knight on PC! We also talk at length about television, like, way more than we have in recent months. Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Battlestar Galactica, and a few others join the mix. Not much news on the games front, tee vee has it’s time to shine.

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So, to kick off the site, here is the inaugural episode of Utterly G33k! In it, Priya, Wally and myself talk about a myriad of topics, from Doctor Who (and some of our dissapointments lately), Wally Geeks out over Battlefield 3 while I get bored, Priya updates on her shows, and I profess my love for Alan Tudyk. That man can do no wrong.


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