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This week we talk the tragedy of Jacksonville. Our deepest condolences to all those effected. We also talk about the new Xbox All Access system, the future of the Master Chief Collection, the best selling game of the year and also if it’s really cheating to play as Oddjob (it is, don’t argue).

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It’s April! Time for spring! Better weather! Smaller maps? This week the gang discusses the new Battlegrounds 4×4 map, what’s Next for No Man’s Sky, the ‘Re-Mars-Tered’ edition of Red Faction: Guerrilla, the future of the 3DS and so much more!

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Welcome to another week of news! This week the gang discusses Ubisofts’ new found freedom, PUBG getting a soft region lock and weapon skins, House Bill 1865 “FOSTA” and what it means to you, the death of the Wii Shop Channel, Tomb Raider remakes and more!

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