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The gang’s all back to talk about their holiday gaming! We chat about movies that involve boxing and the Internet! We also talk about men made of spiders, endless runners, cowboys and PUBG lite.

Too much gravy

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Why don’t you come and chill out with Wally and Daron while you process through that tryptophan and get sleepy. We talk about Perfect Dark, Red Dead Redemption 2, Runner3, Spiderman, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Super Mario Party! Also, Thanksgiving. Lots of Thanksgiving.

Gobble Gobble Y’all

Hey there, grab a drink, pull up a chair, it’s time for the crew to just hang out and talk about fun things they’ve been up to. There’s a ton of Spiderman talk here, the current game and the entire cinematic universe is brought up, as well as Surgeon Simulator, Monster Hunter, Octopath Traveler, Ready Player One, Searching and more!


The whole gang’s back for a super sized episode! We catch up on the news, finally have our big Blade Runner 2049 discussion, we discuss Paris Games Week and a bevvy of new game announcements!

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Hello my friends, and welcome once more to that time of the week where three thirty somethings discuss video games. This week we discuss Mass Effect: Andromeda, Super Mario Run, Diablo 3, Tricky Towers, Hearthstone, Rusty Lake Hotel, and more! We also get into the future (or non-future) of Palmer Luckey, Destiny 2 and what that might hold, the end of Mad Catz, expansion plans for Watch_Dogs 2, teasers for Overwatch updates, and PETA forcefully inserting themselves into any discussion.

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