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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Why don’t you come and chill out with Wally and Daron while you process through that tryptophan and get sleepy. We talk about Perfect Dark, Red Dead Redemption 2, Runner3, Spiderman, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Super Mario Party! Also, Thanksgiving. Lots of Thanksgiving.

Gobble Gobble Y’all

The whole gang’s back for this week’s seafaring adventure! We talk about the final open beta weekend for Sea of Thieves, as well as give a rundown for last week’s Nintendo Direct, what the White House feels about violence in games, the ESRB’s baby steps towards dealing with Loot Boxes, and Valve’s future.

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This week the gang discusses The Last of Us (there’s about fifteen to twenty minutes of solid spoilers early in the episode, we warn you when we’re going to go into it though), Mass Effect: Andromeda’s ending, spoiler free by the way, the value of Resident Evil 7 and good old Soul Calibur. In the news front we discuss what would make the SNES mini really great, the state of the Red Dead Redemption GTA V mod, what the hell is going on with Platinum Games on PC, and free StarCraft for everyone!

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