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Welcome to the first ever Utterly G33k Social Hour! The gang gets together to talk about all the shows, movies, and games they’ve been enjoying or not enjoying over the past month! This is longer than our typical episode, but we feel this will be the typical length for this kind of thing! Please enjoy it!

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The whole gang’s back for this week’s seafaring adventure! We talk about the final open beta weekend for Sea of Thieves, as well as give a rundown for last week’s Nintendo Direct, what the White House feels about violence in games, the ESRB’s baby steps towards dealing with Loot Boxes, and Valve’s future.

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Welcome once more to Utterly G33k! The gang discusses Mario, being a serf in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, what the hell actually happened in Annihilation, the concerns of Ready Player One and the nostalgia felt while playing Bayonetta.


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