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The gang’s all back to talk about their holiday gaming! We chat about movies that involve boxing and the Internet! We also talk about men made of spiders, endless runners, cowboys and PUBG lite.

Too much gravy

Hello and welcome to another week of Utterly G33k! This week we discuss Grim Dawn, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and we go a bit deep onto Resident Evil 7. Be warned, spoilers abound for RE7 in this episode. We are also interrupted by technical difficulties about half an hour into the show, so be warned.

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This week’s episode the gang goes on a deep dive of what Diablo Seasons are (despite the fact we’re in the tenth of them), we also discuss the tenuous situation Microsoft has backed themselves into with the Scorpio and their entire XBox division, E3 plans are slowly being rolled out, and what Square Enix’s plans are for the future.

*NOTE: Now clicking the image will take you straight to the audio podcast, the traditional link will still be available for a few weeks until we transition fully over to image only clicks. We feel this will help clean up the posts and make them look better overall. Thank you.

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