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In this week’s Utterly G33k Podcast, Steve is visited by Daron to couch co-host under a leaky roof while Chris remains dry in his house! The gang talks about bans, hacking, leaks, and the last man standing in The Culling 2. Enjoy!

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Hello again! In this episode Daron rants about Star Wars Bounty Hunter, and mostly Wally and Steve talk about Batman Arkham Knight. Jesus that game. I would like to take a moment to say I personally retract my statements in this podcast about ‘PC Elitism’. At the time I wasn’t fully sure what Warner Brother’s statements were, I saw and heard paraphrasing. While I believe ‘PC Elitism’ to be a thing, that’s an entirely different conversation to have. the Arkham Knight issue certainly isn’t one of PC Elitism. My Bad guys.