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Happy Holidays! Hoo-wee it’s been a year, especially in the realm of Video Games. In this episode we discuss let It Die, Amplitude, Legacy of the Void, No Man’s Sky and its update, as well as what’s going on with Loot Boxes in China, the Holidays in Overwatch, the future of Yooka-Laylee and the pachinko death of Soul Calibur. ENJOY!

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It’s another week! Time for some Utterly Geek! In this week’s episode we talk about what’s going on in Overwatch, tons of games are delayed, what’s going on with Red Dead (note, this was recorded before the confirmation of Red Dead 2, we know it’s a thing now, we’ll share thoughts on that next week), a possible Diablo 4, what’s new with Beyond Good and Evil, and we get a Hearthstone update!

We’ve also been playing scary games, puzzle games, slashy games, and frustrating teamwork games! ALL THIS AND MORE CAN BE YOURS IF YOU CLICK BELOW!!!

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