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Hello Internet! and Happy Halloween!

This is just our way of showing off our costumes this year, one of us went all out, while another did a half-assed attempt. I’ll let you decide who was what.


Femme Sniper

Priya, in her custom TF2 Female Sniper Costume. The Rifle was custom built by yours truly, it's made from a 2x4, pvc and shittons of Gorilla Glue, I swear by that stuff.

Here we see Myself, as Joker from ME2, and Priya as Sniper

Here's my costume, Joker from ME2, along with Priya as the Sniper as well.

There’s more to come, we still need Wally’s costume, and Brian, whom you’ve not met yet. He might not have a costume, but we’ll see.

Who’s better? Tell us in the comments.