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Hey! It’s that time again! Time to talk about vidya gaems! This week we talk about the upcoming spooky season and what games we’re playing to get prepped for it! We go deep down on Doom, Salt and Sanctuary, Dark Souls, The Witness, and the Bioshock collection. On the news side we talk of VooDoo Vinces getting remade, Beyond Good and Evil 2 news, the ever growing price of VR, and some less than typical methods of sound recording. it’s all here!

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Welcome back! It’s a new week, so we’ve got more discussions! More opinions! More News! More Technical Difficulties than ever!

This time around we discuss P.T., Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the oddity of Pocket Card Jockey and INSIDE, as well as more opinions on No Man’s Sky. So Sit back, augment all your limbs, and enjoy!

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Hey there! Come on in, we’re just busy opening some crates. Can’t wait to see what I get!

This week Steve, Wally and Daron discuss what Firewatch actually is, take a look back at Deus Ex, a current look at Furi, Inside, and Salt and Sanctuary, and look forward to Evolve. There’s also a bit on CS:GO and their gambling issues, as well as long discussions on Magic the Gathering and Nintendo’s Holiday plans!

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Hello one and all and welcome again to Utterly G33k! This week Wally, Steve and Daron discuss David Cage games at a pretty long length, wireless controllers, how the Steam Controller has been doing, as well as Limbo, Bloodborne, and the state of Remasters. Please Enjoy!

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Hey! E3 is behind us and we’re all in the post press conference haze, so let’s take a look at the little bits of news that have been coming, what games we’ve been playing, and also STEAM SALES ARE ON! We’ll give you some recommendations. Finally we have a new segment! UPCOMING RELEASES! Please, sit back and enjoy!

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