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Welcome one and all to another week of fun and unexpected news! This Wally, Steve and Daron talk about the ongoing fight with Telltale and getting the final season of The Walking Dead completed, updates to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and a potential new Harry Potter game! Hagrid’s excited!

Grab Your Nimbus!

It’s been a while! The gang has been busy with life type stuff, so sadly unable to record. AS A RESULT, BUCKLE UP, THIS MONTH’S SOCIAL “HOUR” IS A TRIPLE HOUR ENDEAVOR! We touch on everything we’ve been enjoying over the past three months, so there’s plenty of suggestions and fun to be had!


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Welcome to the Utterly G33k Social Hour episode for the month of June 2018! In this episode we find out in real time what house Daron belongs to for Harry Potter! We also dig into what makes Mad Max a pretty good game and why that makes us interested in Rage 2. We also look into A Way Out, Westworld, spend quite a bit of time discussing God of War and also becoming human in Detroit.

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