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Welcome once again to Utterly G33k! This week we update you on the ongoing shenanigans surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II. This includes the U.S. Government, player retaliation and Rubber Bands! We also dig into similar problems arising in Destiny 2, as well as look at the upcoming new releases!

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Hey there! Come on in, we’re just busy opening some crates. Can’t wait to see what I get!

This week Steve, Wally and Daron discuss what Firewatch actually is, take a look back at Deus Ex, a current look at Furi, Inside, and Salt and Sanctuary, and look forward to Evolve. There’s also a bit on CS:GO and their gambling issues, as well as long discussions on Magic the Gathering and Nintendo’s Holiday plans!

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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we’re so glad you could attend, step Inside, step Inside.

We’re back again with another week of news! This week we take a walk down the road of David Cage games, discussing what makes them what they are, as well as Bloodborne and what makes that the game that it is. Why are remasters a thing, the virtues of controllers, and who wants to gamble? Let’s gamble. On Knives. Bet real money, for virtual knives. Some are rusty.

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