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Welcome again to the social hour for the first week of October! This week Wally, Steve and Daron talk the new Forza, makin’ burgers in BurgerTime, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Venom, Pumping Iron, the original Halloween movie and Are You Afraid of the Dark? We submit the following tale for the consideration of the Midnight Society.


It’s time for the weekly Social Hour! Steve and Daron sit down to discuss the games they’ve been playing recently and their feelings about them! Donut County is real good, Salt and Sanctuary is difficult, Minit and cute and fun, and Forza Horizon 4 runs like buttah on PC.

It’s Playtime!

Welcome one and all to another week of Utterly G33k! This week we discuss Google’s gaming future, Hamsters in MY Overwatch?, The further degradation of the Star Wars liscense in the gaming realm, an update on the PUBG lawsuit, and much more!

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Hello and welcome to Utterly G33k’s coverage of E3 2018! In this, the first of two episodes dedicated to the events, we dive into EA’s, Microsoft’s, and Bethesda’s press conferences. The guys get together and discuss their thoughts on the presentations!

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