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Welcome, one final time to Utterly G33k Gaming News. After seven years Wally, Daron, and Steve have decided to call it quits and retire from weekly news podcasts. Join us one last time as we harp on Fallout, question Bethesda’s business dealings, question the viability of a Fire Emblem only Expo, and laugh at Tumblr for banning porn.

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It’s that time of the week again! This week we discuss Nintendo mobile games, more Doom (for some reason we never run out of Doom to talk about…), Resident Evil, and Zelda games! We also discuss the Zenimax vs. Oculus court case, Nintendo’s future plans, Club Penguin’s end, and Battlecry, we hardly knew ye.


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Another week, and more things have occurred! Welcome to Utterly G33k! This week the team discusses the unfortunate splitting of Playdead, Gabe Newell’s AMA, the future of Fire Emblem, and the return of SWERY to game development!

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Welcome to another episode of Utterly G33k! Not going to lie, this episode is mostly Fallout 4 related. Wally and Daron have been playing the hell out of it and have a lot to say about it while Steve sits in mostly silence. He doesn’t even ask any questions. What a doof. We also talk of the updated to Metal Gear Solid 5 (spoiler warning for a plot point here). As well as discuss Nintendo’s first Direct since Iwata’s passing.

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Welcome! To a new stage of History! In this triumphant and very strategic episode we gaze into our crystal balls and attempt to predict how Fire Emblem will be represented in the new Smash Brothers games!

Will it be the usual 2 Swordsmen? Will it include some kind of new Spellcaster? COULD IT POSSIBLY BE DENIED ENTRANCE ENTIRELY!?

Fuck if I know, but by god we talk about it.