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Welcome, one final time to Utterly G33k Gaming News. After seven years Wally, Daron, and Steve have decided to call it quits and retire from weekly news podcasts. Join us one last time as we harp on Fallout, question Bethesda’s business dealings, question the viability of a Fire Emblem only Expo, and laugh at Tumblr for banning porn.

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Welcome one and all to another week of Gaming News and discussion! This week we talk in depth about No Man’s Sky, Nintendo suing over roms, The Culling updates, Halo and the lack of Battle Royale, Money Laundering, and fucking off with all social media. #FuckSocialMedia

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Hello and welcome to Utterly G33k’s coverage of E3 2018! In this, the first of two episodes dedicated to the events, we dive into EA’s, Microsoft’s, and Bethesda’s press conferences. The guys get together and discuss their thoughts on the presentations!

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We’ve got a quick one for you this week. With E3 around the corner news is scarce, but we’re prepared to discuss the upcoming Fallout 76, whatever that will end up being. We also dig into the world of Pokemon, Guitar Hero and the death of Evolve.

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