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The gang’s all back and we’re brimming with new games news! The long drought is over! We talk about the ending of Filip Miucin’s career, The future of Dark Souls, EA’s management shakeups, Twitch’s new competitors, and a bevvy of new game announcements!

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It’s that time of the week again! This week we discuss Nintendo mobile games, more Doom (for some reason we never run out of Doom to talk about…), Resident Evil, and Zelda games! We also discuss the Zenimax vs. Oculus court case, Nintendo’s future plans, Club Penguin’s end, and Battlecry, we hardly knew ye.


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Hello again there beautiful, come here often? No? Let’s change that.

This week Wally discusses Destiny, Daron talks more about Splatoon, Steve dishes on the Witcher, and we all have a big healthy dose of Bethesda predictions. We also give a run down of what we think might be seen at E3, which will probably ultimately be incorrect. So sit back, relax and enjoy our dulcet tones while we lull you off to E3.