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Wally and Daron are here to talk fighting and shooting, reading and movies, also Dark Souls and Skyrim. In this episode you get the guy’s hot takes on Black Ops IIII and Soul Calibur VI. (Spoilers, only one of these understands roman numerals.)

Only one, not the other.

Hello all! This week we are down one person. Steve and Chris carry on as they discuss Dark Souls Remastered, PUBG Hacker Devs getting justice, God of War subreddit discovers an easter egg in the Collector’s Edition, Kimishima stepping down as the President of Nintendo, and much more!

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Welcome to this week’s news! This week the gang runs down Microsoft and Xbox’s recent talent acquisitions, as well as what that means for E3 this year. We also dig into rumors around the new Call of Duty, Valve buying Campo Santo, the slow death of Konami, and when it’s appropriate to delay your games!

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Come one, come all, to one of our final episodes of the year. In this thrilling tale we talk about our game deliberations and how those went. We also extol the virtues of a real damn Christmas Tree over those fake ones, an extensive history of Star Wars home video releases is discussed as well as Farming Simulator controllers. Questions are answered as well! Remember to send those in to utterlyg33k@gmail.com, we’ll answer them on a later episode! Thanks!

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