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Hello one and all and welcome again to Utterly G33k! This week Wally, Steve and Daron discuss David Cage games at a pretty long length, wireless controllers, how the Steam Controller has been doing, as well as Limbo, Bloodborne, and the state of Remasters. Please Enjoy!

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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we’re so glad you could attend, step Inside, step Inside.

We’re back again with another week of news! This week we take a walk down the road of David Cage games, discussing what makes them what they are, as well as Bloodborne and what makes that the game that it is. Why are remasters a thing, the virtues of controllers, and who wants to gamble? Let’s gamble. On Knives. Bet real money, for virtual knives. Some are rusty.

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I’m going to skip all of the small stuff and jump right into my favorites of the year. Albums, films, and games (everything that I’ve enjoyed in 2015). For in depth lists of gaming please check out the podcast. I had a super fun time talking shit with a couple of my best buds and I hope all of you have just as good a time listening. Well, anyways, I digress. Without any further ado here are my favorites of 2015.

Favorite Albums
#5 Chelsea Wolfe: Abyss
Gorgeously dark and twisted. Her voice just swirls.

#4 The World Is A Beautiful Place… Harmlessness
Angsty and pretty emo that’s damn gripping.

#3 Sufjan Stevens: Carrie & Lowell
Simplicity at its finest.

#2 Intronaut: The Direction Of Last Thing
Progressive metal that doesn’t feel bland. That’s crazy hard to pull off.

#1 We Lost The Sea: Departure Songs
Even without vocals Departure Songs can bring out every human emotion. Breathtaking!

Favorite Films
#5 Sicario
Denis Villeneuve continues to make intense and wonderful films. A director at the top of his game.

#4 It Follows
Definitely wasn’t expecting a teen horror flick about getting STDs to be so effing great.

#3 The Martian
A witty script and great direction make for a wonderful film.

#2 Ex Machina
Yes, it has its flaws and it may be a teensy bit predictable, but damn what a beautiful film with a wonderful take on AI.

#1 Mad Max: Fury Road
One of the best action films of all time… Period.

Favorite Games
#5 Bloodborne
Insanely gorgeous and dark landscape with horrifyingly insane creatures. Hard as F&%K though.

#4 Pillars Of Eternity
I need to play more of this fantastic dungeon crawler.

#3 Undertale
Sweet soundtrack and an even sweeter indie rpg akin to 90s favorites.

#2 Ori And The Blind Forest
Just finished this beauty and love it so much. Great landscapes and great flow.

#1 The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3 has it all. Need I say more?

IN THIS WEEK’S EXCITING EPISODE, DARON BUYS FRUIT, WALLY PLAYS DESTINY (trial edition), AND STEVE PLAYS MORE BLOODBORNE. There’s also more news on the PC Gaming show for E3, some Guitar Hero track reveals, and Bowser finally has officially joined Nintendo. Daron also reveals plans for Bullshit. All this and more in this week’s episode.



Holy Hell guys! It’s been what, like a year? Two? Who knows, but we’re finally here again. Wally, Daron, and the newly minted Steve sit down to discuss all things geeky. We meander this week through Bloodborne, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Heart of the Swarm, and Mad Max. We also are counting the days to E3 and the inevitable announcement of Fallout 4. So sit back and relax while we serenade you with our stupid.