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Welcome once again to Utterly G33k! This week the gang dabbles in ASMR, Hot Sauce, Erased High Scores, what we would like to see out of a new BioShock, the state of Privacy on Steam, and all things Star Wars Battlefront!

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It’s another week! Time for some Utterly Geek! In this week’s episode we talk about what’s going on in Overwatch, tons of games are delayed, what’s going on with Red Dead (note, this was recorded before the confirmation of Red Dead 2, we know it’s a thing now, we’ll share thoughts on that next week), a possible Diablo 4, what’s new with Beyond Good and Evil, and we get a Hearthstone update!

We’ve also been playing scary games, puzzle games, slashy games, and frustrating teamwork games! ALL THIS AND MORE CAN BE YOURS IF YOU CLICK BELOW!!!

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Hey! It’s that time again! Time to talk about vidya gaems! This week we talk about the upcoming spooky season and what games we’re playing to get prepped for it! We go deep down on Doom, Salt and Sanctuary, Dark Souls, The Witness, and the Bioshock collection. On the news side we talk of VooDoo Vinces getting remade, Beyond Good and Evil 2 news, the ever growing price of VR, and some less than typical methods of sound recording. it’s all here!

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The phoenix rises from the ashes and we are on a rebound from last week! Just some administration up front: we’re using the new forced changes behind the scenes to try out some new stuff for you guys! Let us know how you like it! On with the show!

This week we discuss the joy of local multiplayer games! There’s quite a few we get to so buckle up! We also begin an ongoing dissection of The Witness. (not confirmed, just a gut feeling I have that we’ll be talking about that game at length in the coming weeks.) We also discuss Bioshock and the state of it’s remasters. In the news we discuss No Man’s Sky, Battleborn going free to play… maybe, and hopefully Digital Homicide has met their demise (though I doubt it). So sit back, relax, and listen to the new and improved show!

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This week we talk of remasters, Galaxies, dictatorships, Zelda Adventures, Sins of the original nature, and 3D action games! Plus there’s a ton of news, mostly from the above logo. Hoo Boy, do we go into this situation. It’s a mess, a beautiful, wonderful mess!

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