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Welcome, one final time to Utterly G33k Gaming News. After seven years Wally, Daron, and Steve have decided to call it quits and retire from weekly news podcasts. Join us one last time as we harp on Fallout, question Bethesda’s business dealings, question the viability of a Fire Emblem only Expo, and laugh at Tumblr for banning porn.

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Daron is out celebrating his birthday while Steve and Wally are stuck doing the podcast… what a chump! This week the remaining cast gives you details on the 20 games coming to the PlayStation Classic, Bethesda’s pre-apology letter for Fallout 76, so many games getting re-releases and remakes, and more!


The gang’s all back and we’re brimming with new games news! The long drought is over! We talk about the ending of Filip Miucin’s career, The future of Dark Souls, EA’s management shakeups, Twitch’s new competitors, and a bevvy of new game announcements!

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The gang is back again for another weekly gaming news podcast! However despite the news, Daron, Wally, and Steve all go into multiple tangants about Valve and Smash. Other than that, we discuss Bethesda not liking resales of sealed games, IGN firing fools, EA apologizing (again), Germany making progressive steps in the gaming world, and more!

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The gang is back with a new regular episode! This week we discuss the problems with Atari, Bad Robot Games, Telltale’s engine, Nintendo’s Virtual Console, Microsoft’s app and VR futures, and much more!

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Welcome one and all to our yearly roundup of everything E3! This was a particularly odd year for the trade show as it seems it’s in a growing, transitional period. Irrespective of that, the whole gang is here to give you the rundown on all of the press conferences and our takes on what was revealed and discussed!

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Hey there guys and girls! Sorry for the brief delay in episodes, it’s been a bit of a hectic time for the site on a personal level, but now we’re back and ready to provide you with our stupid rantings! In this episode we expound upon Titanfall 2, Skyrim Special Edition, and Gears of War 4. We also dive into Bethesda’s new review policy, what is going on with Hello Games Twitter account, and the weird divide in COD Infinite Warfare on PC.

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Hello again there beautiful, come here often? No? Let’s change that.

This week Wally discusses Destiny, Daron talks more about Splatoon, Steve dishes on the Witcher, and we all have a big healthy dose of Bethesda predictions. We also give a run down of what we think might be seen at E3, which will probably ultimately be incorrect. So sit back, relax and enjoy our dulcet tones while we lull you off to E3.