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Welcome one and all to another great episode of Utterly G33k! This week the guys discuss the Chrono Trigger PC Port, Radical Heights (the new game from LawBreakers Devs Boss Key), a possible future for Spyro the Dragon, how GTA V has become the best selling entertainment product of all time, Assassin’s Creed, Loot Boxes and Fraz Kafka.

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It’s that time again, that time of the week where we sit down, look over/describe some pretty pictures and talk about Super Smash Bros. for WiiU and 3DS.

This week’s episode we discuss the Animal Crossing franchise! Of course we discuss Villager, being one of the newest characters to Smash Bros, but also what could be done from an item/character/assist trophy inflatable fishing canoes reviews

Both Wally and myself have been playing the shit out of Animal Crossing: New Leaf this summer and so we are just chock full of ideas on what can be done.  Come, stay a while and listen, and have fun goddamnitHoppeslott!