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  1. Warrior/Norn Because who wouldn’t want to be a huge hulk like man swinging around a large two handed sword dressed like a tank???

  2. Charr / Engineer
    Nothing says crazy like a huge ass cat-like creature with enough firepower to lay waste to an entire town. The charr are bad-ass, simply put. The engineer kit is in competition for the Elementalist to have the highest skill ceiling… So many choices and way to make your opponent cry.

  3. Hello, just saw this on reddit, I guess I’m the first one to post. I will go with an Asura Mesmer. I love Asuras and from what I’ve seen in the videos the mesmer is really enjoyable. It’s sad that I couldn’t pre purchase from various personal reasons, I would be delighted and honored to win a beta key so I can make my time bearable until the launch date.

    Cheers for making this contest and good luck to each and every one of you!

  4. I’m going for an Asuran Necromancer! I chose Asura because they’re cute and the main Asuran character is voiced by Felicia Day (whom I totally have the hots for).

    The Necromancer fits perfectly with the Asuras, I mean, who doesn’t wanna see a teeny tiny badass Asuran running around with a bunch of minions?

  5. Asura Engineer. Shortest race in the game + flamethrower = hilarious times. Also the golem battlesuit racial skill that Asura gets looks like one of the greatest racial skills in a game I have seen.

  6. First I’d like to thank you for this opportunity.

    I’d like to make a human female warrior…why?

    Imagine this dainty little lady starts running up to you and then out of no where pulls out a incredibly large two-handed war hammer. She continues to jump in the air and leap at you full force bringing the hammer down with a crushing blow leaving a mark in the landscape.

    She looks innocent, but has magnanimous power!

  7. I want to be an Asura Guardian so that I can be the smallest guy out there and protect all the big people.

  8. Hello
    My very own cup of tea regarding the best compilation of race/profession for Guild Wars 2 is definitely the bad-ass, extremely cuddly Asura Elementalist! I do not need much reason or logic, but I shall give you these words of wisdom : “Does the phrase Elemental Shit-Storm mean anything to you!?”. xD Good luck to each and every one who enters the contest.

  9. Norn Necromancer. Norn are inspired by Native American culture, I like the idea of a Native American shaman style character like the necro.

  10. Asura Guardian! I think it would be awesome to see this little tiny guy blocking off waves of enemies with his “force circles” and protecting some huge Charr Elementalist.

  11. Charr Necromancer. Their is something about a cat like race bringing back the dead and stealing souls that i really like.

  12. I’m doing A Human Warrior, straight making him look as old as possible, and naming him “Surprise, I’m Eighty” Then I’m going to go around WVW and smash all the young whipper-snappers with my dual axe/hammer combo and tell them to respect their elders!

  13. An Asuran Warrior, in actuality I’m 6’5” and a pacifist so I think it’d be a nice change of pace to be a cheeky little bugger with an enormous Napoleon complex.

  14. Charr mesmer of course! Who wouldn’t want to see a big, muscular beast in a dainty dress, shooting beams of delicious death through a sword as tall as himself? As an added bonus, you get the possibility of a Charr upskirt.

    I’m getting hot ‘n bothered just typing this!

  15. Sylvari Engineer!
    Imagine nature connected with “future” tech weapons, turrets and rusty metal armors. My choice is perfect combination of Tyria’s population – power of peaceful forest and wild, noisy gun powder!

  16. I think I have decided on sylvari engineer, just because it is such a weird combination. If I decide against that I will go for sylvari ranger, I think that’s a pretty fitting combination.

  17. Rolling Asura master race as an Elementalist. I’d like to make my Asura look like a Moogle for role playing. His entire vocabulary composes of a single word, “kupo.” When I’m raining comets down on my foes, their final moments of consciousness shall be to the echoing words, “kupo!”


  18. Sylvari Thief.

    Why? Because the Sylvari are the most nature-related race, with that mystical touch, swift and agile race. And thief, because I always loved stealth-based games, and even though in GW2 thieves don’t have a lot of stealth, they still that tricky and swift fighter, that can defeat enemies not only by physical combat, but by playing with their minds. And the shadowstep ability is awesome! haha

    Kinda weird that no one choose Sylvari. And I think that Tiria will have some overpopulation of Asuras! lol

  19. Probably going a human guardian. They look like it’d be a lot of fun, and I’ve always loved playing as the pally, dating back to D&D or Baldurs Gate. My brother will be going an elementalist, so it’s going to be fun dropping a ward and watching him blanket the area in fire while no one can even get to him. After everyone’s dead, we’ll run away going “lolollolollolololol” and keep going. That, and I want to smack someone in the face with a giant ghost hammer.

  20. I’ll be gracing the world of Tyria with an Asuran Thief. Asura are small, cunning. Thieves are quick, suave, My character? Imagine if Indiana Jones was played by Yoda from Star Wars instead of Han Solo. Oh yes, it shall be glorious.None shall stand in my way as I delve for hidden treasures; and, if it gets me closer to riches, from elder dragons, liberate the people, I shall. May the Eternal Alchemy be with you.

    Thanks for doing this contest. I had planned on prepurchasing to get beta access with my saved up money, then found out just a day before it was available that I had a yearly DMV registration due that’s going to take up every last bit of my savings :(

  21. Sylvari guardian, because the blue and green colors together makes me feel like a toothpaste super hero

  22. Spent weeks trying to decide on what to play in gw2 and what to name them….finally realized that I could use my name as inspiration:

    oh and they’re all gonna be female asura because they are adorable

  23. I have quite a few characters in mind, so far I’m planning on making a Sylvari Ranger, a Charr Necromancer, and a Asura Engineer.

    Why those classes and races? I’m not too sure, to me it just seems to fit very well.

    I’m trying to create a lot of back stories for all of them, since I love roleplaying any one of my character out, but I think the one I have grown most attached to is my Asura Engineer, Rivaini.

    Mostly about how she’s the odd ball in her family, they are all from a long line of Mesmers and Guardians, and I see them being quite disappointed with the choice their daughter had chosen. Still, that’s pretty much all I’ve got so far, the thought of a cute little Asura blowing people up just seems hilarious, adorable, and badass all at the same time. Even if her family does disprove.

  24. Asura Thief.

    Being tiny enough to barely be seen… Turning invisible to not be seen at all.. ^^
    Also leaping death blossom as an Asura seems like it would be a bit Yoda-like.. and whats not awesome about that. :)

  25. Planning to roll a Human Elementalist.

    I know it’s kinda default option to choose, but hey, humans are the ones you should play with. All hail to our ancestors! Though their empire is now in ruins, it’s up to me and my fellow friends to rebuild it and smash my enemies with all the wrath and fury. With all 4 elements at the tips of my fingers, I shall prove once again that human race is not to be forgotten. I’ll be owning centaurs and bandits like there’s no tomorrow. Salvation to farmers!

    P.S. I became aware of this competition because of Reddit. All hail the white red-eyed alien guy. Good luck everyone!

  26. Asuran Necromancer, they kinda look weird already and with all the funky necromancer pets I’ll blend right in!



  28. May seem bland but I’ll be going with Human/Ranger because I feel there is nothing cooler than being so Bear Grylls that the actual Bears fight for you.

  29. Asura Necromancer. Who wouldn’t want to be a tiny arrogant minion master of doom?

    I can just hear my opponents now… “Oh look, a cute lil gothic looking Koala Bear looking thing… Oh god, it has a small army of rotting flesh that’s out to kill me!”

    I figure having your own personal army is always a good deal. Especially when your only 3 feet tall and cuddly. I’ll probably also name all my minions Bob. Why? Well why not? The minions will serve my little Asura, and show his dominance over all others. All while still looking like a short ball of fur.

  30. Human/Engineer

    I just fell in love with the class, I mean you’re like a guy from the future in a fantasy/dark age themed environment. Engineering is also something that interests me a lot in real life, I guess that’s why I fell in love with the class.

    Oh and my nickname will be Johnson, Cave Johnson


  31. Charr/Ranger

    I plan to name this character Mufasa, and play the entire game as him. With my pets I will bring peace and dictatorship all across Tyria. Oh and i guess I could kill Zhaitan in the process if he’s on the way.

    P.S. Scar is a punk bitch.

  32. I want to be a male Sylvari Mesmer. I’ve read that Sylvaris want to explore, to go out in into the world and learn to things, away from the reclusiveness that being in the forest creates. This seems to me, to be prompted by a sense of ignorance, because they want to go fidn what they don’t know. The sylvari are one of the races that has yet to truly been despoiled, and are looking to figure out who they are as individuals out in the world.

    Then there are the mesmers, who fight with illusions. I love the paradox when they assume this profession, because it provides so much more room for character depth, because it’s a mystery. The mystery is created because in order to win, mesmers have to be cunning. They have to trick their opponents into getting mixed up between their clones and themselves, weigh them down with conditions, and then reap the benefits. A sylvari mesmer is someone who is ignorant of the world, likely ignorant of fighting, yet cunning with the best of them. Why? What about his lifestyle provided him the necessary skills to master that brand of intelligence? Furthermore, a second paradox is formed, because there is a parallel in that they have to struggle to create an identity in the outside world, while they need their clones to distract from that same identity to keep them alive.

  33. You know it’s going to be Sylvari Elementalist. You might think “Awww, earth magic, to help the trees gr-” No.
    What Sylvari in their right mind is going to mess with me if I can conjure absurd amounts of fire wherever I go? It’ll be like being a member of organised crime. I’ll walk into quaint Sylvari restaurants, and they’ll be all nervous and bring me a free mocha (which I’ll heat up with fire, to keep them on their toes).

    Also cause I can conjure myself a friend! *uses Glyph of Lesser Elementals* Oh rock elemental, you’re my one true friend!

  34. I am going to roll a human engineer I love the engineer due to the arsenal they wield. They have a variety of tools for the correct job and all weapons have a beautiful steam punk theme that never gets old. Even if they do get old (which I doubt), there are many other weapons to choose from and experiment with. I am rolling a human mainly to the aesthetics of Divinities reach and the humans themselves. It shows that all the work put into it was a work of love and I want to experience all that love. I have always been into role playing and story and the chance of being a human engineer is admittedly a somewhat cliche role but has the chance to open up many great stories.

  35. Are you constantly looking out for your kneecaps? Didn’t think so. Asura Thief here, and your kneecaps are what I’ll be aiming for. Next thing you know, you’ll be on the floor thinking to yourself ” Why am I on the floor?” As my poisons finish you off, you’ll see me scamper off into the mists, stalking my next kneeca… I mean, prey. My next prey.

  36. Norn Male Thief….Incredibly strong and hugely grotesque, yet nimble and slippery in battle. Like the magician Penn Jillette, my huge body will not hold me back from stealing weapons from the tiniest of Asuras without notice. This Norn Thief will strategically and elusively win through the fiercest of fights. Yes, I am calling my Thief Penn Jillete :P

  37. I’m gonna be an Asura Necromancer!

    You know why? ‘Cause you know, children always playin’ with the forces of darkness! I would of just played World of Warcarft like before but If I go around with a zombie Panda I can’t avoid a potential world incident. Rewind back to Guild Wars 2 now: Picture this: The battlefield. My Asura. The enemy “Awwwww….look at that cute little Asuraaaaa”. The spark in my eyes “Bitch, please, you’ve seen nothing! One does not simply battle an undead army!” The battlefield again: blood and despair; engineers, mesmers, thieves, all a bunch of corpses now, more for my army, I thought. “Go, my minions, make them howl until they will be nothing but sound!” The sound of Lion’s Arch cheering my every step through victory! For Tyria! FUS-RO-DAH!

    And that’s why I want to play an Asura Necromancer! Well….that and Felicia Day ;)

  38. I wanna be an Asura Warrior cause nothing says badass like being up to the waist of the opponent and being able to be hit by them 10000 times and not die, plus, how awesome would it be to see an Asura Warrior stomp and send enemies way bigger than it flying?

  39. Sylvary/necromancer cause i am a rebel and i want to kill every living thing i come across, specially plants since i was traumatize by my sylvary parents because they forced me to stay still in a clay pot and act as a flower for most of my childhood. if that wasnt enough i was been bully by the humans who would take my leafs(which is my skin) singing ” she loves me, she loves me not”.

  40. Asuran Guardian, traited for maximum Spirit Weapons utility.

    The idea is to have a small guy with a big two-handed weapon and a few more other big weapons floating around.

  41. I’m going for an Asuran Necromancer! I chose Asura because they’re mini and the main Asuran character is voiced by Felicia Day (who is EPIC).

    The Necromancer fits perfectly with the My playstyle, I mean, who doesn’t wanna see an Awesome midget badass Asuran running around with a bunch of Pets?

  42. Norn Necromancer… I rarely play magic mage like classes so Guild Wars is going to be the mmo where I break out of my normal habits & try something new

  43. Norn guardian, because you know, enough of this fancy prancy magic, and cowardly light armour, REAL warriors get the biggest bloody shield and sword they can find and lop off enemies heads through sheer manly strength.

  44. I plan to be a Norn Ranger named Tactical Bearstrike. As a Norn, I will be able to be a bear, and I will have a bear for a pet.

    Bears, fuck yeah!

  45. Charr Guardian. Something about a big, scary-looking Charr smashing somebody in the face with a giant hammer makes me smile. :D

  46. Engineer because I just love all the machinery involved and the steampunk style. I think it’ll be great fun to play around with all these different machines and elixirs to fit my playing style.

    Norn because I think their lore is very interesting, and in most fantasy settings I have always fallen in love with northern areas, dwarves living inside snowy mountains, Nords living on snowy mountains. I also think its fitting to have a big race like the Norn carrying heavy equipment. The shape shifting thing seems cool too.

  47. I would want to be a Sylvari Necromancer. Not because it’s life and death crossed, not because it’s green + green for the color scheme. I would do it because I want to honor Killeen from the Ghosts of Ascalon. If I win one of the beta keys I’ll be sure to give my Sylvari Necromancer that just happens to be named Killeen the chance she almost had to explore the Dungeons of Ascalon and learn about death.

  48. Asura necromancer, because who doesn’t want to be a small guy who summons big things? I think my sex life would be a lot better if my height allowed me to do this :D

  49. Sylvari Guardian (Hammer/Staff)

    Guardian because I want walls.
    I want walls everywhere I go. I want to be that guy who takes Staff for the line wall, Hammer for the circle arena type wall, the wall that reflects projectiles, and the bubble wall that heals teammates. I want my enemy to think he has killed my ally only to see me appear via Merciful Intervention (teleport to ally with lowest health and heal them) and drop a giant bubble to ensure their safety while cackling as hard as the game will let me.

    Sylvari because…I want to be pretty while I do it?

  50. Human Thief! I always play the Thief class. Already have my build and traits set up in .jpg format.

    I’m going to destroy people. But sometimes, if it’s really one sided, Maybe I won’t even kill them. I’ll just leave them scared.

    “Is he going to finish me?…. Did he leave? ….. HELP ME…….

    *jumps off a bridge to get away, but dies anyway*”

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