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So, I know this is kind of cliche but in this episode Priya, Wally and I give our impressions of PAX East this year.  What we saw that made us get excited, not excited, and pleasant surprises.  We talk at length, and Brian says some things, but not much, he wasn’t there.


Also, we clarify the Guild Wars Beta Contest and give a little insight as to how to win.  Please Enjoy!



So Wally, Priya and myself spent this last weekend at PAX East. We were lucky enough to get a few invites to the Guild Wars 2 Beta. We have six up for grabs. So here’s what we’ll do: post in these comments your desired Race/profession mix and the reason, and we’ll pick the six that tickle us best. Go Weird with it. You don’t have to play as it but the weirder the better. Good Luck!

UPDATE: Whoa guys! Thanks for the interest! We will be announcing the winner this Thursday. Each of us will be selecting two winners. So you have to appeal to at least one of us. Good luck again. And so everyone is on the same page unfortunately this pass is only good for the first Guild Wars weekend event. Not our choice but at least you get to play!
From what I’ve been seeing we have some really creative entries. Keep up the good work!

Alright, so I finally finished Mass Effect 3, I weigh in on the multiplayer and the ending. Priya talks about a new show Alcatraz, which she tends to rather enjoy and Wally interjects as he normally does.Australia

NOTE! We will three be going to PAX this weekend. Talk like Yoda we will not, dressed as TF2 we will be Saturday. If you’re going, keep an eye out for a BLU Engie, Sniper, and Scout. That’s us. You’ll know because Sniper will have a kickass Rifle, as you’ve seen before on the site. but now, ENJOY!