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Please people, for the love of the force and all that is nerdy, get those keys, especially if you’re mediocre at Counterstrike, please.  I need people that I can play with that can’t snap fire headshot me with a goddamn glock from across the map.  I suck, I know I suck, I have more fun with people that suck.  If you suck go get a key, if you’re good, don’t get a key.  For my fun’s sake.


That is all.

Evening everyone,

Remember that crazy competition thing we had including a drawing of all the members of the podcast based on our voices to win a beta key to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? That was silly wasn’t it? For those who were pissed they couldn’t get a hand of it, you’re in luck! There is a survey going on here where they are giving away 2,000 more beta keys to play.

Daron and I have been playing and they’ve added a few things such as maps, new user interface, etc. But also took out some things Daron and I enjoyed such as the awesomely dramatic killcam. We’re both hoping for some additional content being added, such as weaponry, before the final release. In any case, click the link, take a few minutes to fill out their survey on how much you’d claw your way into getting a key, and hopefully get one.


Hey people! It’s episode 10! WE’RE OFFICIALLY INTO DOUBLE DIGITS! To celebrate, we have a very special introduction today! I’d like to apologize for the quality of the intro, all we had to record on was a cell phone, so as can be expected it sounds kinda “phoned-in”, not in content, but quality, eh, done in by my own pun! Enjoy.