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Hello Internet! and Happy Halloween!

This is just our way of showing off our costumes this year, one of us went all out, while another did a half-assed attempt. I’ll let you decide who was what.


Femme Sniper

Priya, in her custom TF2 Female Sniper Costume. The Rifle was custom built by yours truly, it's made from a 2x4, pvc and shittons of Gorilla Glue, I swear by that stuff.

Here we see Myself, as Joker from ME2, and Priya as Sniper

Here's my costume, Joker from ME2, along with Priya as the Sniper as well.

There’s more to come, we still need Wally’s costume, and Brian, whom you’ve not met yet. He might not have a costume, but we’ll see.

Who’s better? Tell us in the comments.

I realize that I have yet to update you on the CS:GO contest that is currently underway. So here it is, the update.
Currently we only have 3 contest entries, all of which are wonderful pieces of art, worthy of the Louvre, or American Art Museum, or even for a possible piece for sale at Ikea, a winner has yet to be selected. The current entries are shown below in all their glory. There is still time to enter, as a Winner will not be announced until the day the Beta goes live, which is only Valve knows when. So keep them coming at the slow and cautious pace they are coming at!

I love how Wally is "Sad Guy"

Reddit user Theubermedic gets props for being the first submission to the contest, and quite frankly, the only one fully drawn by himself.

Wally does kinda look like the Hoff, kinda, if you're drunk, and not wearing glasses.

Reddit user Antavila provides a very dramatic rendition of us.

Yep, I pretty much do always have my tongue out, and Wally's a troll.

Finally, polost gives us a good historical piece about the fated Reddit post that led to much Rage for the CS subreddit. I apologize.

And that’s it so far, Keep them coming guys!

Being that time of year again, it is important to be ready for the impending Zombie Apocalypse, and it seems that Ace Hardware is the place to buy your kit.

You see, it seems they’ve started a new marketing tactic of zombie preparedness, and it seems to be working. I myself have already built my kit and it is currently safe and ready for use when necessary (pics to come later).

Haven’t got a start on your kit? Start with Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead.

So, to kick off the site, here is the inaugural episode of Utterly G33k! In it, Priya, Wally and myself talk about a myriad of topics, from Doctor Who (and some of our dissapointments lately), Wally Geeks out over Battlefield 3 while I get bored, Priya updates on her shows, and I profess my love for Alan Tudyk. That man can do no wrong.


EPISODE 1 (Right Click -> Save As)