Hello again! In this episode Daron rants about Star Wars Bounty Hunter, and mostly Wally and Steve talk about Batman Arkham Knight. Jesus that game. I would like to take a moment to say I personally retract my statements in this podcast about ‘PC Elitism’. At the time I wasn’t fully sure what Warner Brother’s statements were, I saw and heard paraphrasing. While I believe ‘PC Elitism’ to be a thing, that’s an entirely different conversation to have. the Arkham Knight issue certainly isn’t one of PC Elitism. My Bad guys.


Hello again there beautiful, come here often? No? Let’s change that.

This week Wally discusses Destiny, Daron talks more about Splatoon, Steve dishes on the Witcher, and we all have a big healthy dose of Bethesda predictions. We also give a run down of what we think might be seen at E3, which will probably ultimately be incorrect. So sit back, relax and enjoy our dulcet tones while we lull you off to E3.


IN THIS WEEK’S EXCITING EPISODE, DARON BUYS FRUIT, WALLY PLAYS DESTINY (trial edition), AND STEVE PLAYS MORE BLOODBORNE. There’s also more news on the PC Gaming show for E3, some Guitar Hero track reveals, and Bowser finally has officially joined Nintendo. Daron also reveals plans for Bullshit. All this and more in this week’s episode.



Holy Hell guys! It’s been what, like a year? Two? Who knows, but we’re finally here again. Wally, Daron, and the newly minted Steve sit down to discuss all things geeky. We meander this week through Bloodborne, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Heart of the Swarm, and Mad Max. We also are counting the days to E3 and the inevitable announcement of Fallout 4. So sit back and relax while we serenade you with our stupid.


Ever need help with something, and it seems like you can’t find help anywhere? Yea, those days suck, and they happen quite a bit.  But, what if, instead of being left out, high and dry, you had something that would summon someone to help out! Wouldn’t that be great! Well, that’s an Assist Trophy fine ladies and men less attractive than me.  Today, we talk about the varied Assist Trophies and what we would like to see, what characters should be full characters and not just assist trophies.


So, something’s happened.  Not just to Wally and I, but to all of us.  The Holidays.  They’re sometimes a bitch because you can’t do the things you normally do.  But, you do get to see your family and get free shit, so I guess it’s a wash.  Anyway, Wally and I have been busy with this crazy thing called the Holidays, so we haven’t been able to record.  Well, we’re back.  And this episode is just to get caught back up.  Please Enjoy it, or skip it, whatever, not like I care, I have to go sleep off a gallon of egg nog and a metric ton of cookies.


Snake: Colonel!? What’s going on!?

Campbell: Snake, it seems you are being talked about.

Snake: Me!? Talked about?!

Campbell: Yes, it seems that there may be a chance you’re in Smash Brothers again, although right now we’re not sure about it.

Snake: Smash?!

Campbell: Yes, that fighting tournament you entered into a few years back, with the likes of Mario, Link, Samus.

Snake: SAMUS!?

Campbell: Jesus Christ you’re retarded.