Steve’s busy falling asleep, but Wally and Daron are up and ready to play! The guys talk Soul Calibur, Hitman, terrible horror movies, good music movies, okay audio books, and cowboys. So many slow cowboys.

Mosey on in.

Welcome once again to Utterly G33k! The whole gang is back to talk about BlizzCon and the mess that it was! We dig into Diablo Immortal, Remasters of Warcraft III, and a new gunslinger for Overwatch! We also dig into the latest Nintendo Direct and the Smash Brothers DLC plans!

Pirahna Plants Ahoy!


Daron is out celebrating his birthday while Steve and Wally are stuck doing the podcast… what a chump! This week the remaining cast gives you details on the 20 games coming to the PlayStation Classic, Bethesda’s pre-apology letter for Fallout 76, so many games getting re-releases and remakes, and more!


Wally and Daron are here to talk fighting and shooting, reading and movies, also Dark Souls and Skyrim. In this episode you get the guy’s hot takes on Black Ops IIII and Soul Calibur VI. (Spoilers, only one of these understands roman numerals.)

Only one, not the other.


Welcome once more to another episode of Utterly G33k! Wally and Daron are here to discuss worker’s right, over throwing the man, unionizing! We also talk business acquisitions, name changes and TotalBiscuit! Sit back, and enjoy!



Welcome again to the social hour for the first week of October! This week Wally, Steve and Daron talk the new Forza, makin’ burgers in BurgerTime, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Venom, Pumping Iron, the original Halloween movie and Are You Afraid of the Dark? We submit the following tale for the consideration of the Midnight Society.


Welcome one and all to another week of fun and unexpected news! This Wally, Steve and Daron talk about the ongoing fight with Telltale and getting the final season of The Walking Dead completed, updates to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and a potential new Harry Potter game! Hagrid’s excited!

Grab Your Nimbus!