Utterly G33k

Hey there, grab a drink, pull up a chair, it’s time for the crew to just hang out and talk about fun things they’ve been up to. There’s a ton of Spiderman talk here, the current game and the entire cinematic universe is brought up, as well as Surgeon Simulator, Monster Hunter, Octopath Traveler, Ready Player One, Searching and more!


It’s time for the weekly Social Hour! Steve and Daron sit down to discuss the games they’ve been playing recently and their feelings about them! Donut County is real good, Salt and Sanctuary is difficult, Minit and cute and fun, and Forza Horizon 4 runs like buttah on PC.

It’s Playtime!

Oh! Come on in, I didn’t see you there! This week, Steve and Daron are here to talk about the death of Telltale, Microtransactions coming to Devil May Cry 5, the announcement of the Playstation Classic as well as the death of the Vita. It’s a hot banger this week with no fluff!

Buckle Up

Hello one and all! Welcome once again to Utterly G33k! This week the team discusses the current legal standing of Loot boxes, the loss of digital publishing rights, Destiny 2 world changes, and everything from the recent Nintendo Direct. We also dig into the confusion that is the Assassin’s Creed III Remaster.

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EA is going to jail.

Welcome once more to more Utterly G33k! This week, EA’s going to jail by refusing to stop selling Loot Boxes, 2K is begging people to contact their representatives to keep selling Loot boxes, the PS2 stops support in Japan, and a whole slew of new game announcements has the crew excited!

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This week we talk the tragedy of Jacksonville. Our deepest condolences to all those effected. We also talk about the new Xbox All Access system, the future of the Master Chief Collection, the best selling game of the year and also if it’s really cheating to play as Oddjob (it is, don’t argue).

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The gang’s all back and we’re brimming with new games news! The long drought is over! We talk about the ending of Filip Miucin’s career, The future of Dark Souls, EA’s management shakeups, Twitch’s new competitors, and a bevvy of new game announcements!

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The gang is back again for another weekly gaming news podcast! However despite the news, Daron, Wally, and Steve all go into multiple tangants about Valve and Smash. Other than that, we discuss Bethesda not liking resales of sealed games, IGN firing fools, EA apologizing (again), Germany making progressive steps in the gaming world, and more!

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Hello and welcome once again to your “weekly” gaming news podcast! This week Steve and Daron are here to discuss the NFL and EA’s relationship regarding a certain kneeling athlete, NCSOFT partnering with Harmonix, the toxicity of working with David Cage, and more!

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