Smash Attack

Ever need help with something, and it seems like you can’t find help anywhere? Yea, those days suck, and they happen quite a bit.  But, what if, instead of being left out, high and dry, you had something that would summon someone to help out! Wouldn’t that be great! Well, that’s an Assist Trophy fine ladies and men less attractive than me.  Today, we talk about the varied Assist Trophies and what we would like to see, what characters should be full characters and not just assist trophies.


So, something’s happened.  Not just to Wally and I, but to all of us.  The Holidays.  They’re sometimes a bitch because you can’t do the things you normally do.  But, you do get to see your family and get free shit, so I guess it’s a wash.  Anyway, Wally and I have been busy with this crazy thing called the Holidays, so we haven’t been able to record.  Well, we’re back.  And this episode is just to get caught back up.  Please Enjoy it, or skip it, whatever, not like I care, I have to go sleep off a gallon of egg nog and a metric ton of cookies.


Snake: Colonel!? What’s going on!?

Campbell: Snake, it seems you are being talked about.

Snake: Me!? Talked about?!

Campbell: Yes, it seems that there may be a chance you’re in Smash Brothers again, although right now we’re not sure about it.

Snake: Smash?!

Campbell: Yes, that fighting tournament you entered into a few years back, with the likes of Mario, Link, Samus.

Snake: SAMUS!?

Campbell: Jesus Christ you’re retarded.


Welcome again to another wonderful episode of Smash Attack.  I assure you we have been doing them and they’ve been getting posted to other locations, including Twitch and Youtube.  The lack of updates on the site rests entirely on my shoulders, so I’m making it up now!

This episode, we look at the possible uses for the secondary screens that are employed in both the WiiU and 3DS.  We discuss our thoughts on how in the hell they could be used, even if they should be used!



Welcome! To a new stage of History! In this triumphant and very strategic episode we gaze into our crystal balls and attempt to predict how Fire Emblem will be represented in the new Smash Brothers games!

Will it be the usual 2 Swordsmen? Will it include some kind of new Spellcaster? COULD IT POSSIBLY BE DENIED ENTRANCE ENTIRELY!?

Fuck if I know, but by god we talk about it.


Welcome back again! It’s time to start Smashin’! This week we discuss the vastness of the Mario Franchise and what they can do to better optimize it. Let’s face it, at this point, there are four characters announced, and possibly a shitton more that could come. Some people say that’s too much, others think there could be more, Listen up here to know what we think Australia!