Please people, for the love of the force and all that is nerdy, get those keys, especially if you’re mediocre at Counterstrike, please.  I need people that I can play with that can’t snap fire headshot me with a goddamn glock from across the map.  I suck, I know I suck, I have more fun with people that suck.  If you suck go get a key, if you’re good, don’t get a key.  For my fun’s sake.


That is all.

Evening everyone,

Remember that crazy competition thing we had including a drawing of all the members of the podcast based on our voices to win a beta key to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? That was silly wasn’t it? For those who were pissed they couldn’t get a hand of it, you’re in luck! There is a survey going on here where they are giving away 2,000 more beta keys to play.

Daron and I have been playing and they’ve added a few things such as maps, new user interface, etc. But also took out some things Daron and I enjoyed such as the awesomely dramatic killcam. We’re both hoping for some additional content being added, such as weaponry, before the final release. In any case, click the link, take a few minutes to fill out their survey on how much you’d claw your way into getting a key, and hopefully get one.


Hey folks,

Thought I would reveal my crafty side on the website after some prodding from Daron. Not knowing what I should get for Daron’s sister’s boyfriend, Daron suggested I get a one of those vault boy bobble heads which came with the collectors edition of Bethesda’s Fallout 3. After some thorough searching and finding out those thing are crazy expensive on ebay I came across a tutorial on making a vault boy from a munny (which is a do-it- yourself toy found on www.kidrobot.com and also found at Barnes & Nobles stores). So off I went to get some air drying clay and to order a 4 inch munny. Here is the end result:

The giftee was very happy when he opened his present. Hmm… I might do a team fortress 2 character next

spacemanjason sent us this lovely picture of CS:GO. However, it is not part of the contest rules so you will have to redraw. Your effort will not go in vein because we are posting it up. Regardless, thanks for the response!

spacemanjason's lovely picture of the last of the terrorists being turned into swiss cheese


Hello all!

Everyone here at Utterly Geek hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving. I’m sure you have some stories as much as we do. As much as we’d love to share how much meat and gravy we stuffed ourselves with, it will have to wait.New Orleans

I want that chicken. And another podcast. But mostly that chicken.

I know what you’re saying, “Wally, two weeks?! What the hell? I’m frothing from the mouth cause I need some of that sweet geek love.” If only a woman would tell me that. Hiyooo! Amirite? Eh? Ehhhh…. Any who, we will be back next week with a NEW podcast. It might blow your mind of the sheer awesomeness that flows from your speakers or whatever your audio waves emit from.

Much love,


I know, you must be thinking, “Daron, it’s Wednesday. Where was my Monday update?” To which I will reply, it’s Thanksgiving week, being that as it may, I had to go home to be with family, which you should be too. As a result of this, No podcast this week. We will be back next week however, and we will crown a CS:GO Beta winner, as Valve has put a hard date on the release, 11/30. The winner will be announced next Monday. HAPPY THANKSGIVING