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In this week’s Utterly G33k Podcast, Steve is visited by Daron to couch co-host under a leaky roof while Chris remains dry in his house! The gang talks about bans, hacking, leaks, and the last man standing in The Culling 2. Enjoy!

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3 weeks without Daron, but Steve and Wally still make the most of the gaming news for this week! Queue up with this duo as they talk about the details of the Nintendo Online service, Cliffy B shutting down Boss Key, the wonderful build up announcement to RAGE 2, and more!

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While Daron is still missing from the podcast, Chris and Steve carry on as they bring you your weekly gaming news! A bit of a short one, but we were satisfied! The geeky duo discuss the future plans of TotalBiscuit, God of War record breaking sales, more controller support added to Steam, and more!

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Hello all! This week we are down one person. Steve and Chris carry on as they discuss Dark Souls Remastered, PUBG Hacker Devs getting justice, God of War subreddit discovers an easter egg in the Collector’s Edition, Kimishima stepping down as the President of Nintendo, and much more!

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Hello everyone!

I know what you’re thinking. “Utterlygeek was making podcasts and then they stopped! What’s going on?!” Well, let me tell you. We’ve been busy. People are finishing up school. Others are going out to hang out with other people. We all have our own schedules. It’s been such a long time since we did a podcast, I grew a year older! Seriously. That long. We will be back. Don’t worry. And believe me, Daron and I have been having some awesome conversations that we definitely want to share with all of you. In any case, enjoy the goddamn weather! I sure as hell am.

Until next time,


Evening everyone,

Remember that crazy competition thing we had including a drawing of all the members of the podcast based on our voices to win a beta key to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? That was silly wasn’t it? For those who were pissed they couldn’t get a hand of it, you’re in luck! There is a survey going on here where they are giving away 2,000 more beta keys to play.

Daron and I have been playing and they’ve added a few things such as maps, new user interface, etc. But also took out some things Daron and I enjoyed such as the awesomely dramatic killcam. We’re both hoping for some additional content being added, such as weaponry, before the final release. In any case, click the link, take a few minutes to fill out their survey on how much you’d claw your way into getting a key, and hopefully get one.


Fellow Geeks,

I’d just like to take a moment and mention about something grand that happened yesterday. I was playing some co-op against the AI in StarCraft II when I was joined with a gamer who was playing as Protoss and wanted to cannon rush. For those of you who don’t know what cannon rush is, it’s when you build no units other than drones to collect minerals and you rush to your opponent’s base and keep building defensive structures that are extremely powerful when there are a lot of them and repeat process until you destroy everything. We of course won the game and while I was searching for the next game with a new person, I thought, “I’m not finding anyone new, how about I start a party with the previous guy and we can do some more co-op?” I send him a message and he happily joins the party.

What does the scanner say about their power level?

We begin another co-op game against the computer but we decided to play a regular game with units, tech, upgrades, the whole sha-bang. About 10 minutes in, the computer unleashes a large army of protoss and zerg units. My two tanks and small army of Marines and Marauders get destroyed. Where the hell is my partner? Not defending or helping. I look at how many units he has and he only had 3 or 4 Zealots with an equal amount of Stalkers. He had 4 Warp Gates to produce units. That’s right. Four. His Nexus had maxed out energy which means he could have easily reduced the cooldown time of warping in units.

Once we reconvene in the multiplayer lobby, I asked him what happened. He mentioned he was texting his girl while playing. Alright, no big deal. He was multitasking. He also mentioned he was still getting used to Protoss and he hadn’t played any ladder matches in a while. Instead of like every other SCII player where here they would have called the kid a “fucking noob faggidy faggot”, I gave some helpful advice on what he can do to make more units faster.

We began another co-op game and with the advice I gave him, we absolutely crushed the AI. My partner thanks me for the advice and adds me as a friend so we can play future games either against the computer more or actually do some ladder matches.

Here’s what I love about this entire situation: I was willing to help, he appreciated my advice, and wants to play again in the future. This is what makes online gaming fantastic – people who are friendly, helpful, and love playing the games they love. I really wish the people who play only for themselves, play to win, and don’t give a shit about others can change. Although I’m not sure about the console gamers…